Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's been going on with us........

Well I guess my first post will just be about what we've all been up to! I'm new to this so I guess this is a good place to start. Some of my mom friends who have kids with spina bifida have blogs so I wanted to join in (hi girls!)

Casey is thriving in kindergarten........he is doing so well with his reading. He has my kindergarten teacher as his teacher! :) He enjoys riding his bike, playing soccer, playing with his new Leapster and playing with his brothers. He LOVES to play cars and dinosaurs.

Connor is our active little guy! :) He's into everything. He is so funny! He is such a good physical therapist for Cody though! Cody sees what he does and wants to keep up with him. He's walking, running, climbing, talking and all the other things soon to be 2 year olds do!

Cody is our little miracle! I was told when I was pregnant and again when we was 2 months old he'd never walk. Well he's proving everyone wrong and walking with a little walker! He's so amazing! He's taught us a lot about life and brought so much joy to our lives. We are so excited to see what he will do next! His physical therapist is really happy with his progress. We let him show us what he's able to do and he's definetly showing us a lot! We are still waiting to see if he will need hip surgery. Our next visit is in April so we'll keep you posted on that. He has one completely discloated hip and one that goes in and out. We have been kind of waiting to see what he can do with them the way they are. It's kind of a touch subject in the spina bifida world because a lot of doctors think the best treatment is to leave them out if they are not causing the kids too many problems. We will just wait and see!

Matt now works at WKLM radio in Millersburg (owned by the same person as WTNS). He's the office manager and lead salesman/play-by-play guy. He's been there almost a year and really enjoys it!

I am in my 9th year of teaching at Warsaw Elementary. I teach 4th grade Math, Science and Social Studies. Yes, I'm a black bear! :)

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