Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some Funny Things.......

The boys do some really funny things every day. I thought I'd post a couple....

The other day Cody and I went to Zanesville to get his leg braces adjusted. We went to the mall and a few other stores while we were there. It was just Cody and I. Everytime I put him in and out of his car seat, he said "Nonnor" (Connor). It was like he was looking for him. Well that same day we had to see the pediatrician because Cody had a nasty diaper rash. We saw the doctor and then went over to the pharmacy to get his prescription. I sat down on a chair with him while we waited and he looked in the mirror behind me and said "NONNOR!" He does the same thing any time he sees a baby picture of him, Connor or even Casey! :) It's so cute!

We went shoe shopping for Connor the other night and he cried every time I took the shoes off of him that he was trying on. He kept saying 'shoos'. He is really coming along with his speech. We had ordered FFA fruit and day it was delivered grandma was here with the kids. Casey went out to get an apple for her and one for him. Apparently grandma did not want hers so Casey gave it to Connor and he thought it was a ball and was throwing it all over the toy room saying 'ball, ball'. Casey thought that was pretty hysterical!

Casey has an imaginary friends now named Brayden. The other day we went to Walnut Creek to meet Matt for supper between his games. We then went over to New Phila (to get Connor's shoes). Casey informed me that Brayden was no longer with us that he had flown home. Apparently he's part super hero! He also flew behind Matt's car the other day when they went to get their haircut. Casey informed me that he knew they were there when he saw the sign outside the barber shop!

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