Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sick kids!!!!!

Here are some recent pics of the boys.......These ones are from Christmas!

Last Friday (January 9th), Casey stayed home with a fever and ended up vomiting. Then when Connor got up from his nap he had a fever. Casey ended up feeling better but Connor's fever kept going up. So he ended up at the E.R. Sunday. Ear infection!

So everyone was good all week, Connor started feeling better and I thought Cody was going to dodge it. Wrong! Cody ended up at the doctor on Friday which was the same day Connor ended his antibiotic (Snow day 2!) and he had an ear infection and probably strep (they did not test him because it's the same antibiotic). So Cody finally got back to normal and last night, Connor got a fever again of 102!!!!! So........off work this afternoon to take Connor to the doc.......ear infection and red throat! Back on antibiotics!

On a happy note, Casey got all S's on his 2nd nine weeks report card! Casey loves kindergarten and is doing very well!

Cody's PT was very happy with how well he's doing today.....we are going to get him a smaller walker so he can control his steps better......he takes HUGE steps! She has not seem him for two weeks so she was very impressed with how much better he's doing with moving his walker and walking at the same time!

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