Sunday, April 26, 2009


What a beautiful weekend! :) Luckily everyone got to enjoy it! Everyone's on antibioitcs but doing better. Connor got his tubes in on Friday. Luckily, they were able to do it and we were able to come home. At one point they thought we might have to stay because they didn't know how he would do with the anestesia and his cold but we didn't! He did pretty well. He wasn't real happy but he survived!

This weekend we pretty much spent outside all weekend. Cody does so well outside! He gets wherever he wants to go! Unfortunately his braces broke so he can't play soccer right now but he had fun in the sandbox and the playhouse. They are making his braces out of STAINLESS STEEL! He's too active for them! Yeah for Cody! :)

Connor loves to RUN outside! He's always saying 'outide, outide'. And Casey loves riding his bike and playing on his swingset. It's going to be a great summer at our house!

Cody is starting horseback riding therapy tomorrow. I'm excited to get him in that. That will be in addition to his weekly physical therapy sessions and his aquatic therapy we do in the hot tub.

Have a good week!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soccer and Family Fun Day!

Here are some pictures of Casey's first soccer game and the Family Fun Day at the fairgrounds. Casey had a great time at his first game. He's on a team with some kids from his kindergarten class. He loves playing soccer!
Then we went to the fairgrounds to Family Fun Day. We went with my friend Jenny and her son Gabe and a friend of Jenny's and her little boy. Jenny is actaully the one who found Cody's spina bifida on the ultrasound. She also did my ultrasound the day we found out we were having twins! The day we almost had to peel Matt off the floor in the ultrasound room! Jenny and I have become good friends since Cody's diagnosis that day.
Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Connor's Turn!

We took Cody and Connor to see their ENT today. Cody had to have his ear tubes checked and Connor had his first appointment to see if he needed tubes.

On the way over, I told Matt if we weren't going to see the ENT today I'd be taking him to see the pediatrician. He was coughing and was warm. Well, guess what!?! Ear infection number 6 since November. Friday he gets his tubes put in and his tongue clipped.

We've noticed Cody talking a lot more clearly since he got his tongue clipped and his tubes put in so we're hoping the same happens for Connor. He's a little harder to understand.

On another note, Connor now has a tent over his crib. He has mastered climbing out and was even trying to climb back in! So he's now tented in. It's really pretty neat! :) I'll have to post a pic! Why can't I think of this stuff to invent?

Casey has his first soccer game on Saturday. This is the first time he's played in this league. He's starting t-ball this spring too. He also joined a 4-H club. He's a clover bud. He had a great time when he went to his first meeting. Awana is almost over. There' s only 3 more weeks left of it.

Cody is still walking. He's even standing up at his walker and walking and standing up to the parallel bars! :) Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

That's it for us!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Great appointment for Cody!

Today we saw Cody's orthopedic surgeon. We had seen him back in November. At that point, he was just starting to walk.

He has not done any damage to his hips by walking which is good. Cody may or may not be a candidate for the surgery to put his hips in. He may have enough muscle function to hold them in. But then again, he may not have enough muslce function to hold them in. We could put him through all of that and it may not work so we're waiting to see. He won't have it past the age of 4. Probably between 3 and 4 from what he said today.

He said he has great balance while sitting so his hips being out are really affecting him! :) And of course he's walking with them out!

He was very happy with the progress Cody is making with his walking and his moving. A little while ago he was getting brave and even letting go for a few seconds while standing by the couch!

Thursday we go back to Columbus for Cody to get his ear tubes checked and to see about Connor getting them put in.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back To Normal!

We are glad to have life back to normal around here after our trip to Children's! Cody had his follow up last Thursday from his surgery and the doctor thought his incision looked great. It's funny when we look at pictures of him now, his shunt was definetly blocked and making his head get bigger! You don't notice it because it's so gradual but he's all back to normal now!

The boys are talking up a storm! Connor is saying some colors now and they are both starting to put words together. Alice has them saying "Please, Thank You and Bless You." They are becoming little boys!

Casey is on spring break right now. He got new golf clubs today from Grandma and Grandpa. His trip to McDonalds was the hi-light of his day, though.

I get off work on Friday and Matt has a vacation's off to find Easter outfits for all 3 boys, dress shoes for Connor and soccer shoes and a jacket for Casey! Plus maybe an Easter dress for me????? We'll see if I'm still in the mood after getting that stuff!

Monday is Cody's next big appointment. We see the orthopedic surgeon about Cody's hips. When we went in November he was just really starting to walk so we need to see if his walking has done any damage and we need to do surgery or if we are going to leave them the way they are...time will tell!

Here's a link to a video of him walking:

Thanks for keeping up with us!