Monday, January 19, 2009

Cody is doing so great!!!!!

So I have decided that Cody needs to see that walking can "get him places." Usually when it's time to eat, Connor walks and I carry Cody to the kitchen (actually usually Connor runs because Casey is supposed to walk beside him so usually Casey is chasing Connor!)

Anyway, last night when it was time for supper, I decided to have Cody walk to the kitchen with his walker. He did so well! He was saying eat, eat, eat all the way so he had a purpose for walking!

Then this morning when I got them up, I got Connor ready first and put him in the playroom. (He got to wake up Casey who loves sleeping in like his mommy and also loves sleeping in his playroom when he does not have to get to school the next day!)

Cody walked from the hallway outside his room to the kitchen to get his antibiotic and then back to the playroom! He was so exctited!!!!! I really think he needs to walk to get places instead of just saying okay it's time to walk and walk across the living room to get an animal cracker!

I can't believe that Cody is not even 2 yet and doing so much! I read somewhere the other day that if a child with spina bifida is going to walk the average age is 2.5. Well he's ahead of that statistic! :)

Today we are at home for day 5 of our extended break we've got going on! :) Tomorrow it's back to school and Alice's. Matt has been busy this weekend broadcasting games at a big Girls Basketball Tournament. He's been leaving early and not getting home 'til around 11:00. Tomorrow night he does not have a game so I'm sure the kids will be all over him!

Connor is apparently scared of our cat now......every time he comes in the room he runs to me and says "no, no, no" as he points at the cat!

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