Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Time Is Here!

Well the shopping madness has begun! After three Thanksgiving dinners we are ready to move on to Christmas. The tree is up.......unfortunately last year's lights don't work but the tree is up. It's just waiting on me to get to Wal Mart and buy some new lights so it can get decorated.

The boys have been so funny lately. Here' s a quote from each of them:
Cody says "Turn on the dark" when he turns off a light.
I asked Casey what he wanted for supper last night. I gave him a few choices since Matt was gone at a game so it was just a left over night. He said "Is the pizza shop open?"
I said something to Casey about presents and Connor said "Presents (raising hands in the air) Where's the presents?"

They are so funny! The twins are talking so much and Casey is doing great in 1st grade! He's having a FABULOUS year this year!

Cody continues to amaze us with his progress. He is now walking everywhere when we go places (like into restaurants and the like). Connor is happy because now he gets to walk too!

That's it for us. Christmas tree pictures coming soon! :)