Monday, February 23, 2009

Too Cute!!!!!!!!

Tonight Cody said "Night-night" so I knew he was ready for bed. I asked Connor if he wanted to go night-night too and he smiled. I started to pick Connor up because I was going to take him in first. He shook his head no. He then went over and stoody by Cody and said "KeKe". How cute!!!!! He knew Cody would need carried so he was going to walk so I could carry Cody. When I was changing Cody, Connor went and got both of their blankets and brought Codys out to him.

I just think it is great that Cody will have Connor (and of course Casey) to watch out for him!

Casey just signed up for soccer and signs up for t-ball this week. It is going to be a busy spring and summer!

Cody goes for a CT scan next Tuesday. He has not had any issues so we do not anticipate any problems. We will update after the appointment!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Two Year Check-ups....

The boys had their 2 year check ups today. I still cannot believe they are 2! It's been a great 2 years! Lots of stress but all worth it! :)

Their check ups went great! Connor was first. He's still only 22 pounds but growing on a curve so that's great news! :) He was running all over the office exploring everywhere! (As you can imagine, we are quite an adventure when we have appointments!) She is very happy that he's catching up to his 'real age' in speech and developmentally. Overall, great check-up!!

Cody only weighed 21 pounds, 3 ounces. It's okay, she's not too concerned but he's not growing on a curve anymore so we will continue to monitor their weight every 3 months. She said another 1/2 pound and he's be back on the curve. She's not concerned since they have been sick, just something to watch. She talked to us about his gross motor skills. She is very happy with his progress spina bifida wise.

Casey also went because he had to get his second Hep A shot.......that was QUITE a scene!!! He SCREAMED like they were killing him before he even got the shot!!!!! But that's over and done with, thankfully! We also had his ears checked and he has double ear infection!!!!! He said they were hurting today. So another antibiotic for us!

Cody and Connor's ears and throats looked good. Thankfully their 2 rounds of antibiotics worked (actually 3 rounds for Connor!)

After that it was on to the Yucatan for supper!

Casey got an early birthday present yesterday....a wii! We love it! It's good family fun! Casey loves the boxing game. I like the tennis. Matt's favorite is the baseball. Takes him back to his glory days!

We are ready for spring at our house! Matt starts the girls' tournament this week and I am teaching an after-school math and reading program. Busy, busy, busy!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The twins are 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe the twins are 2 today...It's hard to believe that as I write this it was 2 years ago today that Connor and I were at OSU and Cody and Matt were at Children's while Cody was having his myleo closed. In 2 years, Cody has had 3 surgeries, more doctor's appointments, CT scans and kidney ultrasounds than I care to count, hours of physical therapy and aquatic therapy and lot of smiles and tears from me! He is such a little miracle! It's amazing what that guy has been through and yet he always smiles! I am amazed that he is walking at 2 years of age! Connor has really developed his speech one point he was showing a bit of a delay but has really caught up! He told me 'more' today when he wanted more milk and he says 'here' when he wants gives me something. At their last evaluations, their results showed they are both almost age appropriate for speech and development. They are AMAZING!!!!! Casey continues to do well in kindergarten and absolutely loves it!

Me and my babies........

Casey and his brothers!
Cody and Connor....

Connor with the wild hair!!!!!!! (What hair he has!) LOL!

Cody and his grilled cheese.......