Friday, January 30, 2009

The twins will be 2!!!!!

I cannot believe that the twins will be 2 next Saturday. It's hard to believe. Here are pictures of their 2 year old pictures.

Here's crazy Connor.......

Cody our little miracle baby.....
Close up of Cody......

Close up of Connor.......

We are home again today.....I had a 1 day work week this week! I guess more snow is coming next week so next week could be interesting too! Casey had to get a filling this morning so I left the house for the first time since Monday!
Casey's throat hurts now......luckily our pediatrician called in a prescription for him since she knew the twins have both had it.
Cody and Connor are learning so much from Casey these days.......Earlier Cody shut the mailbox on his learning house and he said hi-yah! I cracked up. They are so funny!
They have their evaluations for Early Intervention this Monday. I am anxious to see how their speech and developmental skills are coming along. :) I'll update after their testing on Monday. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow days.......

We're on day 3 of winter storm '09! I hope we go back tomorrow! Casey now gets out for the summer in June. I'm May 29th as of today but that could change tomorrow. Casey enjoyed playing in the snow with Matt when he got home from work last night. Here are some pics of the ice on our trees and him playing along with a couple of pics of the kids in the playroom during Casey's attempt to get them to watch Kung Fu Panda with him!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gimme 5......

The twins are really starting to interact with each other and play with each other more. It's really fun to watch. They are also starting to hug each other when we tell them to and tonight they gave each other was SO CUTE!!!!!

Casey has taught them to squeeze their own noses and say "honk honk". They think that's the best!

Connor could have a career in stripping..........he has been getting naked in his bed when we put him in there. I've changed more sheets in the past week! :) It's been interesting!

We took Casey to his first Ohio State Basketball game on Sunday. We went for Matt's birthday. It was interesting because it was snowing so bad that it took forever to get there and then Casey ended up getting sick so I had to buy him new clothes and a new coat. Course those who know me know I'm not much of a sports fan so I was just going to eat out! Well that did not happen due to the weather and the puke!!!!! We had to eat at the game.

The kids and I were home today and will be home again tomorrow I'm sure. One news station says we could get 8-12 inches of snow! Yikes! I love snow days but tomorrow will be day #7. We missed two in the fall due to the hurricane knocking out power. Spring can come anytime!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two Year Pictures....

Well today we attempted two year old pictures. This is always quite an event......having two babies and a 5 year old all smile at the same time. :) Cody's individual picture turned out well after much coaxing. Connor's was not as good so we re did it after looking at them on the computer. The one of all 3 kids......well maybe we'll get that one the next time! :) LOL! They wore their ADORABLE Levis bib overalls that Aunt Marlene and Uncle Caleb got them for Christmas. I will post pictures when we get them back.

Tomorrow we are taking Casey with us to see the Ohio State Buckeyes play basketball. I think he will be very amazed with how big the arena is! That's Matt's birthday present.

Last night we had a very nice visit with the ultrasound tech (and now friend) who told me I was having twins and later told me Cody would have spina bifida. She's never seen Cody and so she was of course amazed at how well he's doing! She and I had a very nice time catching up. It was amazing going back through the picture albulms and videos with her and seeing how far Cody has come. WOW!!!!!

That's about it from us. Just ready for spring! Oh and Casey signed up to play soccer this spring. That will be a lot of fun!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sick kids!!!!!

Here are some recent pics of the boys.......These ones are from Christmas!

Last Friday (January 9th), Casey stayed home with a fever and ended up vomiting. Then when Connor got up from his nap he had a fever. Casey ended up feeling better but Connor's fever kept going up. So he ended up at the E.R. Sunday. Ear infection!

So everyone was good all week, Connor started feeling better and I thought Cody was going to dodge it. Wrong! Cody ended up at the doctor on Friday which was the same day Connor ended his antibiotic (Snow day 2!) and he had an ear infection and probably strep (they did not test him because it's the same antibiotic). So Cody finally got back to normal and last night, Connor got a fever again of 102!!!!! work this afternoon to take Connor to the doc.......ear infection and red throat! Back on antibiotics!

On a happy note, Casey got all S's on his 2nd nine weeks report card! Casey loves kindergarten and is doing very well!

Cody's PT was very happy with how well he's doing today.....we are going to get him a smaller walker so he can control his steps better......he takes HUGE steps! She has not seem him for two weeks so she was very impressed with how much better he's doing with moving his walker and walking at the same time!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cody is doing so great!!!!!

So I have decided that Cody needs to see that walking can "get him places." Usually when it's time to eat, Connor walks and I carry Cody to the kitchen (actually usually Connor runs because Casey is supposed to walk beside him so usually Casey is chasing Connor!)

Anyway, last night when it was time for supper, I decided to have Cody walk to the kitchen with his walker. He did so well! He was saying eat, eat, eat all the way so he had a purpose for walking!

Then this morning when I got them up, I got Connor ready first and put him in the playroom. (He got to wake up Casey who loves sleeping in like his mommy and also loves sleeping in his playroom when he does not have to get to school the next day!)

Cody walked from the hallway outside his room to the kitchen to get his antibiotic and then back to the playroom! He was so exctited!!!!! I really think he needs to walk to get places instead of just saying okay it's time to walk and walk across the living room to get an animal cracker!

I can't believe that Cody is not even 2 yet and doing so much! I read somewhere the other day that if a child with spina bifida is going to walk the average age is 2.5. Well he's ahead of that statistic! :)

Today we are at home for day 5 of our extended break we've got going on! :) Tomorrow it's back to school and Alice's. Matt has been busy this weekend broadcasting games at a big Girls Basketball Tournament. He's been leaving early and not getting home 'til around 11:00. Tomorrow night he does not have a game so I'm sure the kids will be all over him!

Connor is apparently scared of our cat now......every time he comes in the room he runs to me and says "no, no, no" as he points at the cat!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some Funny Things.......

The boys do some really funny things every day. I thought I'd post a couple....

The other day Cody and I went to Zanesville to get his leg braces adjusted. We went to the mall and a few other stores while we were there. It was just Cody and I. Everytime I put him in and out of his car seat, he said "Nonnor" (Connor). It was like he was looking for him. Well that same day we had to see the pediatrician because Cody had a nasty diaper rash. We saw the doctor and then went over to the pharmacy to get his prescription. I sat down on a chair with him while we waited and he looked in the mirror behind me and said "NONNOR!" He does the same thing any time he sees a baby picture of him, Connor or even Casey! :) It's so cute!

We went shoe shopping for Connor the other night and he cried every time I took the shoes off of him that he was trying on. He kept saying 'shoos'. He is really coming along with his speech. We had ordered FFA fruit and day it was delivered grandma was here with the kids. Casey went out to get an apple for her and one for him. Apparently grandma did not want hers so Casey gave it to Connor and he thought it was a ball and was throwing it all over the toy room saying 'ball, ball'. Casey thought that was pretty hysterical!

Casey has an imaginary friends now named Brayden. The other day we went to Walnut Creek to meet Matt for supper between his games. We then went over to New Phila (to get Connor's shoes). Casey informed me that Brayden was no longer with us that he had flown home. Apparently he's part super hero! He also flew behind Matt's car the other day when they went to get their haircut. Casey informed me that he knew they were there when he saw the sign outside the barber shop!

What's been going on with us........

Well I guess my first post will just be about what we've all been up to! I'm new to this so I guess this is a good place to start. Some of my mom friends who have kids with spina bifida have blogs so I wanted to join in (hi girls!)

Casey is thriving in kindergarten........he is doing so well with his reading. He has my kindergarten teacher as his teacher! :) He enjoys riding his bike, playing soccer, playing with his new Leapster and playing with his brothers. He LOVES to play cars and dinosaurs.

Connor is our active little guy! :) He's into everything. He is so funny! He is such a good physical therapist for Cody though! Cody sees what he does and wants to keep up with him. He's walking, running, climbing, talking and all the other things soon to be 2 year olds do!

Cody is our little miracle! I was told when I was pregnant and again when we was 2 months old he'd never walk. Well he's proving everyone wrong and walking with a little walker! He's so amazing! He's taught us a lot about life and brought so much joy to our lives. We are so excited to see what he will do next! His physical therapist is really happy with his progress. We let him show us what he's able to do and he's definetly showing us a lot! We are still waiting to see if he will need hip surgery. Our next visit is in April so we'll keep you posted on that. He has one completely discloated hip and one that goes in and out. We have been kind of waiting to see what he can do with them the way they are. It's kind of a touch subject in the spina bifida world because a lot of doctors think the best treatment is to leave them out if they are not causing the kids too many problems. We will just wait and see!

Matt now works at WKLM radio in Millersburg (owned by the same person as WTNS). He's the office manager and lead salesman/play-by-play guy. He's been there almost a year and really enjoys it!

I am in my 9th year of teaching at Warsaw Elementary. I teach 4th grade Math, Science and Social Studies. Yes, I'm a black bear! :)