Friday, July 31, 2009

The saga continues........

Well yesterday morning Connor was doing much better. However, Cody was not! He had started coughing. Connor went to the doctor.

He had his chest x-ray and blood work and sure enough.......he has pneumonia!!!!!!!!! :( He got his two shots yesterday and started his breathing treatments too. It's interesting giving two kids breathing treatments. Connor really enjoys his! (Those of you who know Connor well will think that's funny but he does!) He just sits on my lap and looks around. Cody is still getting used to his.

Today they both go back to the doctor. We've been there every day this week but Monday! Cody will get his second round of shots and Connor will just get checked.

Casey's ear is doing better......still bleeding some but the drops seem to be working so he shouldn't need antibiotics. Casey enjoyed basketball camp. He was on the front page of the paper! LOL! Lego camp is over this morning. I'm going early to take some pictures of him there.

Have a good weekend! We have NOTHING but breathing treatments, ear drop and antibiotics. It should be a nice weekend of staying home!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pneumonia Day 2

Wow, what a difference a day makes! Yesterday in the doctor's office Connor was sitting on my lap with his bear and his blanket and would not even eat a popsicle that the girls gave him.

Today, he was jumping, running around the room, telling me all about the animals in the pictures on the wall, eating the popsicle and the goldfish, coloring............

So in case you couldn't tell, Connor is doing much better! :) She did give him 2 more shots today of the antibiotic. Tomorrow we will start oral antibiotics. He's also to continue his breathing treatments every 4 hours while awake. She said he's not having labored breathing but is still breathing from his belly so she wants to continue the treatments for that reason. She is going to call me in the morning and see how he's doing but he should not have to go in tomorrow. I'd say we'll follow up at the beginning of the week.

She said his blood work really looks pretty good. She's assuming since he's responding so well to the antibiotics that it's bacterial and not viral.

Luckily she's on call this weekend in case anyone else decides to get this! Casey's ear has been bleeding........this is what happens when he gets an ear infection since he has tubes. She gave me a prescription to get him the drops he needs since we've been down this road many times.

Cody does have a little bit of a runny nose but we're praying it stays at a runny nose!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Connor has pneumonia! He was coughing some yesterday. Today he started having rapid breathing. I took him in and they did a chest x-ray and it's pneumonia.

He had a breathing treatment in the office and got 2 shots. They also did bloodwork so we'll go back tomorrow and see how he's doing after breathing treatments at home and those shots.

It has not been a good day! :(

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home From The Beach

We had a great week in Myrtle Beach last week! :) It was great to get away. We went with Matt's parents. We had so much fun with them and the boys! Cody and Connor LOVED the sand! They also loved riding their floaties around the pool! Casey was in the pool like a fish! He loved riding the waves with his board we bought him! It was sad to come back was such a good time! The twins were happy to get their toys though and Casey was happy to play wii! :) Enjoy the pics!
Pirate Casey at Drunken Jack's

Connor and Cody loving "the sandbox"

Casey ready for some wave action

Casey got his face painted twice.......
this time he was a dog. The night before
he was half Hulk/half Spiderman

Casey having lunch on the beach

Cody and Matt

Me and Connor

The whole gang!

The boys

This week Casey has Lego Camp and Basketball Camp. I'll be running after him all week! :) He's excited that he got his school shirts and his school shoes. Now we just need his backpack and supplies. I can't believe he'll be a first grader!
The twins are doing great in their Early Intervention Group at Hopewell. They will continue going there this fall when school starts one day/week for an hour. They love it! Cody is a walking machine now! :) He goes everywhere with his walker. He walked some on the vacation......he definetly captures people's attention! He's doing so great and I'm so thankful!
Matt's cousin Kelly got married the day before we left for the beach. The boys passed out the rice after the wedding and did a great job. All three boys LOVED the reception. It was great that Cody was right out on the dance floor with his brothers! We are so blessed!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cody's Clinic Visit! :)

Cody has his clinic visit today. I keep notes from each visit and last night I looked back at my notes. He had just had his braces for about 3 months when we last went. The PT there told me to start standing him at the couch and see if he would cruise at all. She also mentioned putting two dining room chairs together and put him between them like parallel bars. Well, our PT here had parallel bars so she brought them and Cody started using them. Then in December, he started moving the walker and taking a couple of steps. Since then he's been unstoppable.

Cody WALKED into his clinic appt today! :) He stood on the scale to get weighed like a big guy! (This is the kid who I was told would never walk!)

The Physical Therapist and Physical Medicine Doctor were VERY IMPRESSED with him. He was walking all over the place for them! They just want us to keep doing what we're doing. They said he needs to get his braces adjusted since he's grown so much but he'll keep the same level of bracing.

His kidneys and bladder are doing great! We will have more tests done next summer to see what our options are for bladder control.

Anyway, this was the best appointment we've had for Cody. I was so happy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer's Halfway Over!

We had a good July 4th weekend! I got my deck almost all stained. I am so proud of it! It looks great if I do say so myself!

The big hilight of the July 4th weekend was Casey's airplane ride! He attended Summer Adventures Day Camp last week and he got a ticket for a free airplane ride at the Coshocton Airport. He LOVED IT! He got to go with his friend Kolby and Kolby's cousin. The pilot flew them around West Lafayette! Casey is really growing up! Last week he spent 2 nights at his friend's house. I can't believe he'll be a first grader!

The twins have been going to an Early Intervention play group 1 day a week this summer for an hour. Casey and I drop them off. They do great! We are so thankful for Coshocton County's Early Intervention and Help Me Grow programs. They will continue the group this fall when school starts. When they turn 3, unfortunately they won't be in the program anymore. Luckily, Cody will have the same PT when he becomes the school district's responsibility. They will probably go to preschool 2 days/week starting in the 2010-2011 school year. Hard to believe!

Connor LOVES being outside. It's a fight every night when it's time to come in! He loves the Little Tykes Car he can drive. Casey's been giving them rides on his Power Wheels Gator this summer. That's been a hilight! I was kind of sad to take down Connor's baby swing......he wants to be on the big guy swing now!

Cody likes to walk on the driveway with his new walker and get pushed around on the bikes. He also likes the gator! It's great that he can go out and do things! We got him a sand table that he stands up to play with. He likes that too.

Water therapy has been going great for Cody this summer. He LOVES the hot tub. I was trying on a swim suit the other day. I came out of my room to show it to Matt and Cody said "Hot Tub! Hot Tub!" The aquatic therapy has been great for him!

That's all that's going on with us for now!