Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two Year Pictures....

Well today we attempted two year old pictures. This is always quite an event......having two babies and a 5 year old all smile at the same time. :) Cody's individual picture turned out well after much coaxing. Connor's was not as good so we re did it after looking at them on the computer. The one of all 3 kids......well maybe we'll get that one the next time! :) LOL! They wore their ADORABLE Levis bib overalls that Aunt Marlene and Uncle Caleb got them for Christmas. I will post pictures when we get them back.

Tomorrow we are taking Casey with us to see the Ohio State Buckeyes play basketball. I think he will be very amazed with how big the arena is! That's Matt's birthday present.

Last night we had a very nice visit with the ultrasound tech (and now friend) who told me I was having twins and later told me Cody would have spina bifida. She's never seen Cody and so she was of course amazed at how well he's doing! She and I had a very nice time catching up. It was amazing going back through the picture albulms and videos with her and seeing how far Cody has come. WOW!!!!!

That's about it from us. Just ready for spring! Oh and Casey signed up to play soccer this spring. That will be a lot of fun!

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