Friday, July 31, 2009

The saga continues........

Well yesterday morning Connor was doing much better. However, Cody was not! He had started coughing. Connor went to the doctor.

He had his chest x-ray and blood work and sure enough.......he has pneumonia!!!!!!!!! :( He got his two shots yesterday and started his breathing treatments too. It's interesting giving two kids breathing treatments. Connor really enjoys his! (Those of you who know Connor well will think that's funny but he does!) He just sits on my lap and looks around. Cody is still getting used to his.

Today they both go back to the doctor. We've been there every day this week but Monday! Cody will get his second round of shots and Connor will just get checked.

Casey's ear is doing better......still bleeding some but the drops seem to be working so he shouldn't need antibiotics. Casey enjoyed basketball camp. He was on the front page of the paper! LOL! Lego camp is over this morning. I'm going early to take some pictures of him there.

Have a good weekend! We have NOTHING but breathing treatments, ear drop and antibiotics. It should be a nice weekend of staying home!

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