Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home From The Beach

We had a great week in Myrtle Beach last week! :) It was great to get away. We went with Matt's parents. We had so much fun with them and the boys! Cody and Connor LOVED the sand! They also loved riding their floaties around the pool! Casey was in the pool like a fish! He loved riding the waves with his board we bought him! It was sad to come back was such a good time! The twins were happy to get their toys though and Casey was happy to play wii! :) Enjoy the pics!
Pirate Casey at Drunken Jack's

Connor and Cody loving "the sandbox"

Casey ready for some wave action

Casey got his face painted twice.......
this time he was a dog. The night before
he was half Hulk/half Spiderman

Casey having lunch on the beach

Cody and Matt

Me and Connor

The whole gang!

The boys

This week Casey has Lego Camp and Basketball Camp. I'll be running after him all week! :) He's excited that he got his school shirts and his school shoes. Now we just need his backpack and supplies. I can't believe he'll be a first grader!
The twins are doing great in their Early Intervention Group at Hopewell. They will continue going there this fall when school starts one day/week for an hour. They love it! Cody is a walking machine now! :) He goes everywhere with his walker. He walked some on the vacation......he definetly captures people's attention! He's doing so great and I'm so thankful!
Matt's cousin Kelly got married the day before we left for the beach. The boys passed out the rice after the wedding and did a great job. All three boys LOVED the reception. It was great that Cody was right out on the dance floor with his brothers! We are so blessed!

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