Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Boy Beds/Cody's Clinic/Casey's Report Card

This entry is way over due!

Casey got his 2nd nine weeks report card and got all A's again! He's doing so well in 1st grade! We're so proud of him!

Cody had a clinic visit on January 15th. He did great!! I was so proud of him walking into Children's Hospital! :) He had a great check up with his doctors. We are going to start potty training with Cody and Connor both! Wish us luck! He sees his hip surgeon next week to see about the hip surgery. We'll update more on that soon.

Connor continues to love cars! He is very into police cars!

Mom and I took them for their birthday pictures this week. I can't believe they will be 3 next weekend! What a ride these 3 years have been!

The biggest news is that the twins are finally out of their cribs! Only one bed came in on the first day only one bed came so they slept together. They listen to music in their room and they are doing pretty well staying in the beds.

Here's a pic of the new big guy beds. They are great because Cody can get in his! Right now they have crib matresses in them but we can do twin matresses when we are done.
Another picture of the two of them (Cody blue jammies, Connor red).

Here is Connor on his first night in his new bed.

And here is Cody in his bed.

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