Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lazy Snow Days At Our House! :)

Snow Days Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) This is my 3rd snow day and Casey's 2nd. Cody and Connor love looking out at the snow.

Here's Casey playing wii.......I think in a way he's ready to go back but he's also happy just to hang out around the house! Yesterday he crawled in my bed around 8 and said "I wish we could stay home one more day." I told him to look out the window! He was so excited. He started jumping on my bed saying "Snow Day, Snow Day!" He's gonna get a rude awakening this afternoon when we clean his room! I'm sure that's not what he has in mind for his day off!

Cody and Connor LOVE their bean bag chairs from their baby-sitter. Now what could better than this on a day so cold? Laying in a room full of toys watching t.v. in your jammies! :)
I had to share these pics from New Year's Eve. At one point, Cody was feeding the cake to Connor. I could not get an action shot of it......it was SO CUTE! :)

Here's another one of them with mom.

2009 was a great year for us and we're looking forward to a fabulous 2010. It's hard to believe the twins will be 3!!!!!!!!!!!! We painted their room this weekend and put up a border. They are getting toddler beds soon.
Casey is doing great in 1st grade. He really enjoyed the football players coming to read to them every week during their fabulous season. He is on two basketball teams right now. His games start this weekend.
Connor is talking SO MUCH! He does not miss a thing! He is also becoming a bit of a tattle tail.....LOL! He likes to point out to me what Cody's doing that he should not be doing! They got a Little Tykes Basketball Hoop for Christmas and he LOVES to play on it!
Cody continues to do so well! He walked around Buehler's the other day with Matt while I got groceries. He's everywhere with his little walker. His PT is working with him on using arm crutches. He has some upcoming appts. this month and next so we'll be updating on those. He seems to be doing so well! He's one amazing little dude!

That's it for now...........Here's to a great 2010!

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