Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Casey and Connor

So most of my posts end up being about Cody.........this one's all about Casey and Connor!

Not too long ago, Casey mentioned to me that he needed a room-mate! He pointed out that he's the only one in the house without a room-mate. He said Cody had Connor and I have Matt! I guess the kid has a point. Well tonight I showed him the beds we ordered for Cody and Connor. Since I figured he's going to a little bummed that they are getting race car beds I asked him what kind of bed he'd like to get if he got a new bed. He said bunk beds. He said then I could move into his room and he could sleep on the top bunk and I could sleep on the bottom bunk. LOL! He's a hoot!

Connor said some hilarious things tonight! He asked me where Alice (our baby-sitter) was. I told him he was at her house. He said "She's playing with my toys?" Yeah sure Connor........Alice sits and plays with your toys when you are not there! Then I asked him not to drive his car on the kitchen table while he was eating. He said "Mommy, you hear my words? It's not a car, it's a bulldozer!" LOL!

Cody has his clinic visit Friday. We are anticipating a great appointment! :) We're looking forward to our traditional clinic visit lunch with Aunt Connie!

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