Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Cute Things The Boys Say!

The other day, I honked the horn at someone and Cody said "What Happened?"

Connor was having some rapid breathing again today so we took him to the ER and the whole time we were there when he'd hear something, he'd say "What's that about?"

Connor was crying a little while ago and Matt went in to check on him. As soon as Matt walked in, Cody said "Connor's blanket, daddy." Sure enough Connor needed his blanket.

Casey is all geared up for 1st grade. He's excited that his teacher this year will be Mr. Larr.

As for Connor's trip to the ER, he had some cold symptoms yesterday. Today it turned into rapid breathing. They did two breathing treatments and sent him home on antibiotics and steroids as well as breathing treatments. Here we go again!

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