Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Casey's First Day of School!

Casey had his first day of first grade yesterday. I cannot believe he's a first grader! He's growing up so fast! He's going to be starting soccer again for the fall season. He's excited about that. He'll also be starting Awana Bible Club soon at the Baptist Church. Here are a couple of pics:

Cody and Connor are doing great.............Con ended up at the ER Saturday with the rapid breathign again. We have a breathing machine at home now in case he has these episodes so we can give him a treatment before it gets so bad.
Cody got his braces back today. They broke 3 weeks ago. He's walking everywhere already. They also made them bigger since he's grown so much. He's been asking for them and asking to walk.
They are going weekly for Early Intervention this fall. They will have their evaluations soon to see if they qualify for preschool services.
That's it for the Croy's!

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