Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trip To Children's......

Yesterday was a big trip for us. Cody and Connor both needed CBC's and lead tests as part of their 2 year well checks. I decided since we were going to Children's anyway, we'd get it done there. So we did that first.

Then Connor had an X-ray of his spine........he has a dimple at the base of his spine. Thankfully, it is not spina bifida oculta. If it was we knew it was not causing him any trouble but we just wanted to rule it out. Cody's neurosurgeon read the x-ray for us so I'd know for sure.

Cody had his 6 month CT of his brain to check his shunt. Unfortunately, we have to go back in 2 weeks because his ventricles in his brain are larger than they were 6 months ago. We are praying that it's just the size they are going to be. If they have grown, it could be because his shunt is not working and he will surgery to revise his shunt. For those just joining our story, Cody had a shunt placed at 3 months of age and it was blocked (like it possibly is now) at 7 months of age. Since then he's been fine. Most kids with spina bifida need shunts because thier spinal fluid builds up in their brains. The shunt drains into thier bellies and causes no problems (unless it gets blocked..........) We go back in 2 weeks for another CT and another appt. I will post after that.

Otherwise, everyone is doing well. We're ready for spring so we can outside! Connor is really starting to talk and put two words together. Cody is hanging on to everything and walking around things! His PT is ordering him his very own walker this week! Casey is still doing well in kindergarten. We're very proud of him!

Matt's busy with ball games........The teams in his county are really good!

I'm loving our new wii, especially wii fit! I'm trying to lose my twin weight two years later!

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