Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cody's big adventure.......

We are on quite a ride here at Children's! Cody had a CT 2 weeks ago and it showed larger ventricles than 6 months ago. We were scheduled to get a follow up CT today (Thursday). Well on Monday he started vomiting and continued doing so on Tuesday. We got him in on Tuesday and they decided yes, he did need a shunt surgery.

So they admitted him and planned to do it yesterday. Well that all changed yesterday!

When the nurse practitioner was examining him yesterday she noticed his ear was still infected. We knew he had an ear infection because we'd had the twins to the pediatrician on Friday and they had ear infections. They were actaully scheduled to see about getting ear tubes on April 3rd.

Well Cody beat them to the punch!

They cancelled his surgery yesterday until we could get the ear stuff figured out. We saw the ent folks yesterday and they decided he needed tubes. So they scheduled that for yesterday. He obviously needs a revision soon. So they have decided to do both surgeries on Friday. I guess that's good in the regard that he'll only have to go under once. They just don't want him to have any infection in his body when they do the shunt surgery.

The ENT folks did not think he had as much infection and he had fluid. That makes me feel better that he is not 'infected' and that he will be okay for surgery in that regard.

So........Cody gets ear tubes and a shunt revision on Friday.

They ended up keeping him since he is indeed in shunt failure and want to watch him. As of now he's not having any 'symptoms' like vomiting or anything so he's early on in shunt failure.

Please keep him in your prayers!

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