Saturday, February 7, 2009

The twins are 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe the twins are 2 today...It's hard to believe that as I write this it was 2 years ago today that Connor and I were at OSU and Cody and Matt were at Children's while Cody was having his myleo closed. In 2 years, Cody has had 3 surgeries, more doctor's appointments, CT scans and kidney ultrasounds than I care to count, hours of physical therapy and aquatic therapy and lot of smiles and tears from me! He is such a little miracle! It's amazing what that guy has been through and yet he always smiles! I am amazed that he is walking at 2 years of age! Connor has really developed his speech one point he was showing a bit of a delay but has really caught up! He told me 'more' today when he wanted more milk and he says 'here' when he wants gives me something. At their last evaluations, their results showed they are both almost age appropriate for speech and development. They are AMAZING!!!!! Casey continues to do well in kindergarten and absolutely loves it!

Me and my babies........

Casey and his brothers!
Cody and Connor....

Connor with the wild hair!!!!!!! (What hair he has!) LOL!

Cody and his grilled cheese.......

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