Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's been going on with us!

Well I thought monkeys were appropriate for our life lately!

First of all the twins are in the terrible two's! And the terrible two's times two! LOL! They love to tell on each other and have to point out what the other one did prior to them getting in trouble. For instance the other night Matt was not home and Connor threw a toy at Cody. The next morning when I told Matt about it, Connor said "Cody spilled the goldfish." That had happened 3 days earlier in the church nursery! They are so funny!!!!!!!!!

Cody had a couple of appointments recently. He saw his hip surgeon. He will not be having the surgery to put his hips in anytime soon as they are not sure they would stay in and he's walking great with them out. We'll just wait and see. The doctor also said that he needs to stop wearing his long leg braces all the time so he can start building up some more muscle function. So Monday he's getting fitted for new AFO'S (the ones that just go around his ankles, not all the way up to his hips). He can walk (not strongly but walk) without his long leg braces.

He also saw his neurosurgeon who said his shunt looks great! I really thought his shunt was blocked so I was very happy to hear that he was okay. I had actually packed clothes in case we had to stay. He had just seemed sleepier but it must be from all the walking he's been doing!

We also had our preschool meeting for the boys. They are both in early intervention now because of Cody's SB and them being preemies. When they turn 3, they transition to the school district for services. Connor's services will end when he's 3 as he does not qualify for anything (which is a good thing!!!!!!!!!!!) Cody will qualify for physical therapy services under orthopedic impairment due to his SB. So in the fall, Cody will definetly go to preschool at Ridgewood and hopefully Connor will have a spot as well.

That's about it for us. Casey's doing great in 1st grade! Right now he's has all A's! He's been reading Junie B. Jones and loving those books! He's started church choir and just finished up his soccer season.

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