Tuesday, September 22, 2009


September is in full swing at our house!

Casey is in soccer......he had practice tonight. He had a great game on Saturday. He's also in a tumbling class with one of his friends. And he started Awana at one of the churches in town. So he's a busy guy!

Cody's been without his braces for a couple of weeks.......they keep breaking because he's so active. We were getting them lengthened since he's grown so much and the orthotist actually broke them. :( He's supposed to get them back Friday. His speech is really coming along. He's really catching up with Connor in that area! I'm anxious for him to get his braces back so he can start walking when we go places. It's hard to believe but they will be 3 this winter!

Connor is my yapper! He talks ALL THE TIME! :) "See school bus, mommy", "I want.........", "Go that way mommy", "Cody wants........", "Casey's getting....." and on and on! He's SO FUNNY! :)

All three boys have started Sunday School. The twins are enjoying being with Alice and Casey LOVES 1st grade. He's doing very well with his reading!

That's all for now!

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