Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Time!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids and I are really enjoying our summer vacation!

Cody and Connor are going once a week to a playgroup through Early Intervention. The wonderful ladies they work with said they did great! While they are there, Casey and I will be heading to the library. He was happy to sign up for the summer reading program.

Casey is doing some camps this summer at Kids America. Right now he's in tennis camp. The boys and I are going to go and watch him today........I'm sure Casey with a tennis racket is quite interesting! :) He's excited because you get to keep the racket.

He has his first t-ball game Saturday. This is through Ridgewood Rec.

Cody and Connor are loving playing in their playroom all day!

Cody is still walking a lot with his walker. Today when breakfast was over, I put him in his walker and told him to walk to the playroom. I got Connor out of his highchair then and told him to walk with Cody. He went up behind the walker, pushed it and said "Go Cody!" Too cute!

I ordered the boys one of those sand tables that's up off the ground from Step 2. I think it will be good for Cody to play with sand while standing. It's hard to find outside activities for Cody to do but I don't want Connor to miss out on being outside because it's hard for Cody to be out there. We've been trying to find things for Cody to do out there and I think this sand table will be good. He loves the sandbox, but he gets sand in his braces if he sits and plays in it.

Well, have a good weekend!

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