Thursday, April 16, 2009

Connor's Turn!

We took Cody and Connor to see their ENT today. Cody had to have his ear tubes checked and Connor had his first appointment to see if he needed tubes.

On the way over, I told Matt if we weren't going to see the ENT today I'd be taking him to see the pediatrician. He was coughing and was warm. Well, guess what!?! Ear infection number 6 since November. Friday he gets his tubes put in and his tongue clipped.

We've noticed Cody talking a lot more clearly since he got his tongue clipped and his tubes put in so we're hoping the same happens for Connor. He's a little harder to understand.

On another note, Connor now has a tent over his crib. He has mastered climbing out and was even trying to climb back in! So he's now tented in. It's really pretty neat! :) I'll have to post a pic! Why can't I think of this stuff to invent?

Casey has his first soccer game on Saturday. This is the first time he's played in this league. He's starting t-ball this spring too. He also joined a 4-H club. He's a clover bud. He had a great time when he went to his first meeting. Awana is almost over. There' s only 3 more weeks left of it.

Cody is still walking. He's even standing up at his walker and walking and standing up to the parallel bars! :) Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

That's it for us!

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